Types Of Home Inspections You Should Be Aware Of

Every home soon after a while will need a home inspection. But depending on the issues at hand, you might not know what kind of home inspection your house will need. There is a variety of problems that every home experiences from time to time. Issues such as mold, radon, and even pest control can occur within any house. And the type of home inspection your house needs depends entirely on the sort of problem your home is experiencing. While there is always the option of having one extensive home inspection cover every base of your home, it’s crucial to have singular inspections for specific problems periodically. Here are some of the home inspections that every homeowner should be aware of.

Roof Inspections 

The one thing every home has is a roof. And the one thing they all share is that they experience normal wear and tear from time to time. From broken gutters to poor installation and blistering to leaks, various problems come along with roof installation. Water leaks are one of the most common and annoying issues that come along with ceilings. These leaks can result in damage to both your walls and roof, leaving behind nasty water stains that are next to impossible to cover up. Leaky chimneys are another common problem with most roofs. Leaking chimneys can result in water stains and other markings on both your chimney and walls. Having a roof inspection every so often is an excellent way of avoiding these roofing problems and ensuring that you have a stable roof over your head. 

Mold Inspection 

Whether you want to admit it or not, no home is perfect. This is especially true with homes that find themselves infested with mold. In the past, we’ve spoken extensively about mold and the side effects it can have on you and your home. Mold can result in multiple health defects as well as diminish the value and worth of your home. It is usually recommended that you get a mold inspection the moment you spot mold within your home. The quicker you solve your mold issue, the least amount of damage the mold can cause. For more information on a mold inspection, click here.

Radon Testing 

Like mold inspection, we have spoken about radon testing extensively in a previous blog post. And like mold, radon is a dangerous breakdown of radioactive elements from the earth. However, what makes it worse than mold is the fact that radon can neither be seen nor smelled. Usually, radon is released by well water and can enter your home through the cracks in your foundation. The results of radon can be dangerous and can even lead to cancer for you or your loved ones. It’s usually recommended to have your house tested for radon twice a year in order to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your home. 







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