What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

For residents that live in Florida, scheduling a wind mitigation inspection offers many benefits. They help give potential homeowners an idea of how well their property withstands strong winds and water intrusion. Additionally, a completed inspection provides homeowners an opportunity to have their overall home insurance premiums reduced. Here is what to know about wind mitigations inspections.

How a Wind Mitigation Inspection Works

Typically, a wind mitigation inspection covers specific areas of your home. The report you receive after the inspection highlights everything that was looked at. In addition, you get recommendations for repairs or improvements. The areas covered include:

  • Roof Covering. Verifying the roof is up to building codes and checking its age.
  • Roof Decking Attachment. An inspector looks at the type of decking used. This includes decks with nails or staples.
  • Roof to Wall Attachment. This reviews how the trusses are attached plus the strength of the attachment.
  • Roof Geometry. This determines the roof’s sustainability during strong winds.
  • Gable End Bracing. Inspectors check homes with a gable-style roof. For these, they check to see if the ends meet building standards for proper reinforcement.
  • Wall Construction. The reviews the supplies used for reinforcements, framing, and other materials. This checks for sustainability and strength.
  • Secondary Water Barrier. Tailored more towards newer homes and roofs built after 2008, the inspector reviews this barrier for proper installation.
  • Opening Protection. Inspectors check any openings in your home, like shutters, doors, and windows to ensure they are hurricane-proof.

What Are the Benefits?

A mitigation inspection provides homeowners and buyers with multiple benefits. One of the most important advantages is savings on insurance premiums. According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, 15-70% of premiums are the result of risks due to wind damage. There is an upfront cost to add features for wind mitigation to your home. However, doing so offers larger savings in the long term. On top of the financial benefits, mitigation adds safety to your home, especially during major storms. Just adding hurricane shutters and straps reduces the risk of damage due to flying debris.

Inspector Details

On average, a wind mitigation inspection is a relatively quick process. In many cases, inspectors can complete the process in 30-60 minutes, with a detailed report available the same day. The specific amount of time depends on multiple factors. For example, documentation of windows and shutters adds extra time. In terms of cost, an inspection can be around $100, though this will vary based on the company. In addition, inspectors can combine wind mitigation with other types of inspections they offer.

Schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection With Us

A wind mitigation inspection is an essential item for Florida homeowners or home purchasers. For owners, it ensures their property is protected during a major storm. Plus, there are opportunities for substantial insurance savings down the road.

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