Preparing For A Home Inspection

Everyone likes to be prepared. Whether it’s prepping for an interview for a job you really need or studying all night to ace your algebra final, being prepared has always helped anyone out in a bind. But there’s one thing we forget to prepare for: our home inspections. No matter how stable or clean your home is, every home will need a home inspection at one time or another. A home inspection is used to determine the value and worth of a home being sold. Aspects of a home such as mold, stability, and even radon levels are examined during a home inspection. But how does one make sure that their home is up to standard before the examination? Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to preparing your house for a home inspection. 

Provide Open Access 

Home inspections or thorough and detail-orientated. So it’s best to make sure that the home inspector has easy access to the entire house. This means clearing the clutter away from areas such as the basement, attic, and even under all of your sinks. A home inspector’s job is not an easy one, so make sure to make it easier for them by doing the proper cleaning beforehand. 

Check Your Roof Beforehand 

A roof is one of the most important aspects of any home. Without it, we would all be susceptible to the exterior forces outside our homes. Hiring a roof inspector before a home inspection is an excellent way of ensuring that your roof is up to date and in tip-top shape. Whether or not you get a roof inspector before your home inspection, a home inspector will spend a considerable amount of time inspecting your roof, so it’s best to make sure that your roof is presentable. 

Replace All Of Your Dead Light Bulbs 

Home inspectors will check all of your light bulbs, and if they find any dead ones, they may suspect that it is due to faulty wiring, which will lead to points against your home’s value. Avoid this by taking time out of your day to making sure that all of your home’s light bulbs are working fine and that they are all in order. 

Make Sure All Of Your Toilets Are Running Properly 

One of the most annoying problems a home can have is a running toilet. And you better expect your home inspector to inspect each and every toilet in your home thoroughly. While running toilets are common problems that we tend to ignore, they can also take away from your home’s overall value during a home inspection. Fixing a running toilet is easy and inexpensive, so it’s a good idea to make sure that all of your toilets are fixed before your home inspection. 

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