With an extensive background in construction and trade before switching over to inspections, we are the correct choice. We believe that it should be mandatory that an inspector have worked in the trades for years and then get the certifications required to become a licensed inspector. We have numerous licenses and certifications related to inspection and construction. Certifications are just a small part of being a good inspector. Taking your time on an inspection and professional report writing is of the utmost importance. A report must be written so that all clients can understand. You can be the most knowledgeable inspector but that doesn’t mean much if your customer is confused reading your report. When we are back in the office and the report is completed we welcome our clients to call for detailed review of findings.

Licensing & Certifications

American Society of Home Inspectors


Florida Association of Home Inspectors


Florida Home Inspector License


Florida Wood Destroying Organism Inspector


Community Association Manager


Certified Mold Inspector

Wind Mitigation Inspector

Universal Refrigeration

HVAC 2-Year Certification

Home Advisor Certified


We have also have passed background checks to as a subcontractor, employee or State license for Motorola, Bank Data Center, EDS, State of Florida, Nuclear Waste Commission, Home Advisor and Georgia SUPRA.
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