Major Home Inspection Issues

No matter what kind of home you have, odds are you’ve been through a home inspection or two. Whether you live in a mansion or in a cardboard box on the side of the road, every home and establishment requires a home inspection from time to time. For those unaware of the process, a home inspection is a simple look-through of ones’ home to determine the value and worth of the said home. Home inspectors look for numerous problems such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and even structural issues. But some inspectors keep an eye out for specific and distinct issues. Here are a few prominent home inspection issues that home inspectors specifically look for. 

Heating And Cooling System/HVAC 

No one likes to be too hot or too cold. This is why any home’s HVAC unit system is one of the most important components of any home. Not only are heating and cooling system issues incredibly common, but they are also commonly more severe when they are not taken care of. This is why a home inspection is so crucial to fixing any home’s heating and cooling system issues. It’s generally known that most heating and cooling system units have a lifespan between ten and twenty years. It is usually recommended that you have your heating and cooling system checked out by a technician once or twice a year. 

Pests And Termites 

No matter how perfect our homes are, it seems as if we can never rid our homes entirely of those pesky pests and termites. And with summer right around the corner, it’s more important now than ever to rid your home of all bugs once and for all. While a home inspector will be more than willing to recommend an exterminator, it’s usually important to do some research on local exterminators and what kind of pests and bugs they specialize in. The next time you see a creepy-crawly in the corner of your eye, make sure to call your local exterminator before the problem gets out of hand. 

Roofing Issues 

Everyone knows that the roof is the most critical part of any home. Over the course of any home’s life, roofs and homes go through normal wear and tear, such as tears in the foundation, mold and moisture problems, and even damaged shingles. Home inspectors are trained to look out for any issues within both the roof and its foundation. Outside conditions can cause extensive damage to your roofs, such as weather conditions, radiation, and even erosion. It’s usually recommended that you have your roof checked by an expert periodically to stay on top of any crucial issues that may damage your roof if not taken care of. 





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